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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kids SEPT 1

OshKosh Kemeja RM32
Saiz 3M ( 2 available )
Saiz 6M ( 2 available )
Saiz 9M ( 1 awailable )
Laura Ashely RM38
Saiz 2Y ( 2 available )
Saiz 3Y ( 2 available )
Saiz 4Y ( 2 available )
Cartoon RM30
Saiz 2Y ( 2 available )
saiz 1Y ( 1 available )

Dora RM25
Saiz 3Y
Saiz 4Y
Saiz 5Y
Saiz 6Y
Zara RM38
Saiz 2Y
Saiz 3Y
Saiz 4Y
Saiz 5Y
Saiz 6Y
OshKosh RM38
Saiz 2Y Sold Out
Saiz 3Y
Saiz 4Y
Saiz 5Y
Saiz 6Y
Sold out
Saiz 7Y
Small cutting
Sleep Wear RM25
Carter's Sleep Wear RM35
+ topi + Sarung tangan
Saiz 3M Sold Out
Saiz 6M ( 3 available )
Saiz 9M ( 1 availabe )
Gap Romper RM22
Saiz 3-6M Sold Out
Saiz 6-12M
Saiz 12-18M
Saiz 18-24M

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